Sunday, January 30, 2011

Herbalife Independent Distributor

You can find Chennai Herbalife Independent Distributor :

K.Desiga Chozhan   :   9600042333

17 Murugesan St, Choolai, Chennai - 600112

RaviChandiran     :  9841228060

Kosapet, Purasawalkam, Chennai

Purasawalkam, Choolai, Vadapalani, Tambaram, Parrys, Mannady, Kodambakkam, Saidapet, Adayar, Mount Road, and Guindy in Chennai.

You can all other areas in Chennai to get Herbalife to contact above number.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Lose Weight On Raw Food Diet - Rocking Body Raw Food

There is always an innate desire to be healthy and to stay fit. However, the desire is often challenged by several temptations and creative food advertising. Amidst the fight for fitness and food indulgence, the world is often consumed by many diet regimens and excessive exercise to loose weight and live healthy. The answer to shedding off some pounds is to make some lifestyle modifications and to introduce ways for a healthy lifestyle.

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However, the key to loosing excess weight without compromising the body from nutrients is to have more intake of food in its raw form. Raw food actually helps the body improve its immune system, shedding pounds fast together with the benefits of a healthy and glowing skin. Joy Houston introduces the 14 Day Raw Food Cuisine Program, a 2 week course to loosing weight, have a healthy lifestyle and lose weight on raw food diet. It is an online step-by-step program with 100 videos, website, worksheets, shopping list, recipes and PDF's that explain the concept and benefits of raw food.

Upon purchase, one gets a PDF copy of the book "Rocking Body Raw Food Book" filled with photos, hyperlinks and recipes to member's website. The book also includes interesting topics such as 5 Essential Tips For Success, Secret Mayan Recipe for Quitting Coffee, Best Kitchen Tools, and a lot more. Also included is 14 days of recorded live cooking videos with Joy Houston cooking herself.

The program is also filled with video series before beginning the program, calendars, worksheets, checklists, shopping lists, raw recipes and resource guides. The program also includes a website which includes, a dashboard homepage, Index for recipes and day to day guides. Together with the program are added bonuses such as the Raw Food Fiesta - a Latin menu for fiestas, Rocking Raw Desserts, Trawtoria Italiana - adding Italian flavor to raw food, Spotlight on Salads.

The program assures weight loss without the digestive discomforts, leaning up of tissues while balancing sugar and hormone levels. The program is available for $147 accessible in the internet and worthwhile for those aiming for a more fit healthy lifestyle and loose weight on raw food diet.

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Thursday, June 10, 2010

How to Promote Herbalife?

You can find Herbalife Promotion methods :

Continue your Circle of Influence List :

Add 5 to 10 names each day
Don't make a decision for anyone on the list.
Make daily calls to or contact with people on your list.
Meet with anyone who is interested.
Call back at least once to anyone who has said "no".
"No" is often a temporary state.

Use the Button Response :

Are you serious (about losing weight)?
How much weight do you want to lose?
What have you tried before?
Why didn't that work for you?
What is the main reason that you would like to lose weight now?
If I could show you how to lose that weight now, would you be interested?
When would you like to get started losing that weight?

Make Presentations :

Over the telephone
Over the Internet at
at your office
to groups
at a Success Training Seminar (STS)
at a doctor's wellness seminar
at an Herbalife Opportunity Meeting (HOM) group presentation

Use More Button Responses :

Are you Interested looking good?
Do you use nutritional products?
What are you using currently?
How much product do you have left?
Would you prefer one or two? Cash or Check?
What is your telephone number?

Hold House Parties :

Invite as many people (20-30) as possible.
Meet in home or at offices.
Serve samples of Formula 1 Protein drink mix shares
Have personal-care products on hand for people to try.

Use Surveys :

Ask survey questions of one person at a time: face-to-face or over the telephone.
Distribute written surveys at your office or in people's homes.  Collect them later during a follow-up visit.
With permission, leave surveys for pick up at shop counters and on shared bulletin boards. 
Be sure to leave your contact information, so people can call you with results.

Advertise :

Use Herbalife bumper stickers.
Use stickers such as : "Loss weight, Call Divya,"
Use a magnetic car sign
Create flyers
Create pull tabs, tear offs and hot pockets
Place advertisements in;
   - Newspapers
   - Magazines
   - Bulletin boards
   - Phone Books
   - On Placements
   - On the Internet

*All advertising and promotional materials must comply with the law as the Rules of Conduct and Disclaimer Policies found in the Career Book (IBO) and other rules for Distributors.

Share HBN :

Invite customers to your home or office to see the various HBN Shows.

Make copies of the HBN shows and give them to your customers.
Refer customers to where they can watch live shows or search through the library.

Keep and Provide Samples for Potential Customers :

Provide to new customers samples of products that they have not tried.  Follow up later.
Collect contact details, so you can collect information about customer product experiences.

Use Sales Tools :

Product Information Guide
Retail Guide, Results Flyers
Personalize Your Pitch Book
Promotional Items :
    - Shakers
    - Mini Mixer
    - Tablet Boxes
    - Tape Measures

Reference : Content from Success Training Seminar Workbook - Herbalife

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Herbalife Nutrition Clubs

We introduce ourselves as a Independent Distributor in Herbalife because we are doing the clean online and Multi Level Marketing business through this American Based Company which is having offices in 73 countries worldwide.  I need to spare my part time with herbalife after that I can work for full time job with this make money online opportunity.  I like to work for this offline affiliate program which is called as Multi Level Marketing system which is having very strong business method in USA.

In India, MLM is not having much popular but some them did this mlm business in wrong way.  Herbalife is the clean business system through MLM but many of the people have wrong think about MLM business opportunity in India.  I can explain about the MLM system which is legally accepted by the Indian Law but we should have proper business system and we should make real business through this system.  I never blame anyone but herbalife is having the strong business through MLM so you can join with us to make easy income.  Also you can get slim body to get long life through this weight loss, gain and maintain program.

How to maintain your Nutrition Clubs?

You should think about Herbalife then you should not have negative think because many people are confusing you but we should have honesty and Integrity to make yourself as a distributor.   If you want to know about herbalife please attend our weekly programs.  Nutrition club is nothing but the self training offices in Chennai to reduce your weight easily through Herbalife.

Contact us :  9600155541

Email ID :

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Herbalife Offices in India

Herbalife Offices in India :

When purchase the produce to use this id and name.

My Name : K.Desiga Chozhan

My ID Name :  W 1482548

Bangalore City Sales Centre :

Herbalife International India Pvt. Ltd.,
# 14, Vaswani, Wilshire, Commissariat Road,
Bangalore - 560025

Ph: 91 80-40311444

Fax : 91 80-40311445/40311446

Working Hours :
Monday - Friday :  10.00 am - 6.00 pm
Saturday - 10.00 am - 2.00 pm

Chennai Herbalife Office :

Herbalife International India Pvt. Ltd.,
C/o.Norest Logistics Pvt. Ltd.,
Doshi Towers, Shop No."A: (1), Ground Floor,
New No.205 (Old No.156)
Poonamallee High Road, Kilpauk,
Chennai - 600010

Working Hours :
Monday - Friday :  10.00 am - 6.00 Pm (Walk-In only)
Saturday :  10.00 am - 2.00 pm (Walk-In Only)